Delilah is an akc standard Poodle. She is a black and white parti with phantom markings. She is used in our Aussiedoodle and Sheepadoodle program. Delilah is the most gentle dog we have and just loves to snuggle with anyone.

Willa is an akc Old English Sheepdog. She is black/gray and white. She is used in our sheepadoodle program. Willa is a ball of fun! She has a goofy personality that loves kids and other dogs. 

PAISLEY is a beautiful Australian Shepherd. She is 30 pounds. She has a shy personality and is energetic and loves to run the whole acreage. She is very affenctionate and loves giving the kids kisses.

Pebbles is a stunning F1 Aussiedoodle. she has a blue merle coat with phantom markings. She has two gorgeous blue eyes and the best personality. She throws an array of colors which results in the most beautiful puppies.

addie is a beautiful f1 sheepadoodle. this girl is the definition of party girl! She loves to have attention on her and is ready for any adventure. she will be used in our mini and standard sheepadoodle program.

Thor is an Old English sheepdog. He has one blue eye and one brown eye. He will be used in our purebred oes and sheepadoodle program. He thrives on human interaction and loves to play fetch.

willow is such a playful dog. sHe loves to play outdoors. she is an Old English Sheepdog and is used in our Purebred oes and Sheepadoodle breeding program. Absolutely love her sweet eyes.

Romeo is such a playful dog. He loves to play fetch. he is an Old English Sheepdog and is used in our Sheepadoodle breeding program. we love his one patch over his eye.

Casper is an AKC registered poodle stud. He is a black and white parti tri. Just look at his beautifully marked eyebrows. He will be used in our sheepadoodle and aussiedoodle program. He loves to go down the slides with our kids and can give you a cheesy smile.

Ripp is an AKC miniature Poodle. He is an absolute cuddle bug. He loves watching TV on our laps and sneaking into our bed for naps. Ripp’s favorite past time is playing with the kids and eating bones. 

cricket is a standard Poodle. He is a tri black and white parti. He has a bubbly personality that brings sunshine to our lives. he is a very disciplined boy that thrives to please everyone. He loves all dogs and people who he meets! He is used for our aussiedoodle and sheepadoodle program.

Lolipop is a sheepadoodle. she is one goofy gal. sHe has a carefree personality that makes us laugh 24/7. sHe loves all dogs and people who she meets! sHe is used for our sheepadoodle program.